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Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Bottles

Lyre's non-alcoholic gin
Lyre's non-alcoholic gin clover club

Lyre’s Dry London - Non-Alcoholic Gin

Lyre's non-alcoholic Amaretto
Lyre's non-alcoholic Amaretti affogato

Lyre’s Amaretti - Non-Alcoholic Amaretto

Lyre's non-alcoholic triple sec
Lyre's non-alcoholic triple sec orange & tonic

Lyre’s Orange Sec - Non-Alcoholic Triple Sec

Lyre's non-alcoholic pink gin
Lyre's non-alcoholic pink gin

Lyre's Pink London - Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin


Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cans

Must-try Lyre's cocktails

Whether sweet, sour or bitter, these chic concoctions are delicious, easy non-alcoholic drinks for various occasions.

Lyre's Old Fashioned

American malt, sugar syrup and bitters. Smooth, simple, and most pleasing to the palate, this is the drink one orders when one has arrived.


Stir briefly over fresh cubed ice.

Old fashioned.

Orange peel.

Lyre's Hugo Spritz

From high in the alps of the Dolomites this NorthItalian Spritzer is a light and refreshing aperitivo!  This cocktail is sure to please with its effervescent bubbles and subtle sweetness.


  • 120mL Lyre's Classico
  • 30mL Elderflower Syrup
  • 30mL Soda Water
  • Small handful fresh Mint

Clap mint and place in glass. Add remaining ingredients and fill with fresh ice. Stir to combine.

Large or stemless wine glass.

Lime wheel and plump mint sprig.

Lyre's Pineapple Margarita

A sweet and tropical take on the infamous Margarita. Be swept away to a sunny patch of paradise; think the gentle waves of a blue lagoon, a soft warm breeze, sand between your toes... ahhhhh. You're almost there, just need the cocktail. 


  • 250mL Lyre's Agave Blanco Spirit
  • 500mL Pineapple juice
  • 125mL Orange juice
  • 80mL Lime juice
  • 60mL agave syrup
  • Fresh Pineapple/Limes to garnish
  • Kosher salt mixed with Tajin for the salt rim

Mix salt and Tajin together. Run a wedge of lime across the top of cocktail glasses. Coat the rim in the salt and Tajin mixture. Add the pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice andLyre'sAgave Blanco Spirit into a large pitcher and stir to combine with ice. Stir and pour into serving glasses with fresh ice. 

Rocks Glass.

Lime and Pineapple.

Lyre's Cosmopolitan

This legendary cocktail has a complex past. Did it originate in Miami or NYC, not sure, probably a bit of both, but what we do know this Cran-tini styled drink is here to stay and is still one of the most popular cocktails going around today. Pink in hue, the Lyre's version uses White Cane and Orange Sec to compliment citrus and cranberry.


Shake briefly with ice, fine strain into glass.

Cocktail coupette.

Orange twist.

Why we love Lyre's


Lyre's spirits are crafted to taste just like the classics they honor, making for trophy-worthy toasts.

Vegan & Low Calorie

The finest natural essences, extracts, and distillates, sourced from all around the globe.


Lyre's continues to work toward optimizing & reducing their impact on people and the planet.

Common Questions

The Lyre’s range is categorized as non-alcoholic, containing 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) or less. Similar to beverages like Orange Juice or Kombucha, Lyre’s includes trace amounts of alcohol, with comparable levels (or higher) found in foods like bread or ripe fruit.

It's important to note that while Lyre’s doesn't claim 0.0% ABV, it asserts itself as a non-alcoholic spirit due to the extremely low levels of trace alcohol (less than 0.5% ABV). Classification as a non-alcoholic beverage can vary by country, but generally falls within a range of 0.5% ABV to 1.2% ABV.

Lyre's fully embraces the concept of mindful drinking and doesn't stand against alcohol.

We focus on celebrating the timeless classics found in the traditional alcohol category. We recognize that there will still be occasions where you're tempted to chase after traditional alcohol. But opting for Lyre's spirits allows you to savor sophisticated beverages while addressing the factors influencing your choice of no or low alcohol.

We hope to de-stigmatize non-drinking by providing an alternative that maintains the familiar experience of enjoying the same drink, served in the same way, with the same flavors. When you make it a Lyre's, you're empowered to drink freely without compromising on taste or social comfort.

Established in 2019 by Australians Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann, Lyre's introduced a line of non-alcoholic spirits that has since evolved into the most extensive global offering for mindful drinking.

Today, Lyre's is a collaborative effort involving dedicated professionals worldwide, united in their mission to revolutionize the way people approach beverages.

Lyre’s spirits are crafted in Australia, the UK, and Europe. However, we plan to eventually start producing our non-alcoholic products in a range of key regions around the globe as part of our roadmap.

Lyre's goal from the get-go was to pay homage to classic drinks, except make them non-alcoholic.

We set out to make our spirits as close as possible to the originals, remaking their flavors so people can easily use them to make non-alcoholic versions of their favorite cocktails.

To achieve this, we approach as one would blending, say, wine: by experimenting with combining each flavor component in different percentages. Beyond this, multiple considerations factor in, such as glycerol characters, which influence weight and how it finishes to lengthen the palate.

Depending on which spirit, we add a tiny amount of chilli or pepper-based extracts, which add length and carry to the palate, replicating the feel of an alcoholic burn.

To enhance the richness of our refined flavors, we employ a variety of natural sugars to replicate the mouthfeel and sweetness characteristic of classic spirit styles. Although our products are not completely sugar-free, their calorie/kilojoule levels are significantly lower than those found in alcoholic equivalents. Typically, our products contain between 0.5g to 6g of sugar per serving. You'll find detailed nutritional information by visiting product pages for Lyre's spirits.

Lyre's boasts substantially fewer calories compared to traditional alcoholic alternatives. Depending on the specific product, Lyre's offers up to a 95% reduction in calories compared to an equivalent cocktail containing alcohol. Opting for a Lyre's drink can notably decrease your caloric intake compared to a cocktail with full-alcohol content.

The ingredients in Lyre's do not include any animal products or derivatives from animals. Moreover, our products are free from honey and honey-derived substances.

Lyre's and the components used in its production are gluten-free. Our products undergo processing in facilities that eliminate the risk of cross-contamination with gluten products.

At Lyre’s, our goal is to show utmost reverence for the flavors found in classic beverages, and Lyre’s truly shines when mixed, stirred, or shaken. Our seasoned mixologists develop recipes that highlight Lyre’s in optimal proportions, closely resembling the original mixed drinks.

Since our beverages are non-alcoholic, we recommend minimizing dilution while preparing your drink. For cocktail enthusiasts, consider shaking or stirring only for chilling, not diluting. Additionally, for the best results, pre-freeze your glass or use high-quality, slow-melting, large, and hard ice.

The ideal storage practices for Lyre's depend on factors such as your local climate, storage conditions, and how frequently you indulge in a cocktail.

Generally, once a Lyre's bottle is opened, it is advisable to refrigerate it and consume the contents within 12 weeks. To maximize the longevity and quality of your Lyre's Spirit, consider the following tips: always reseal the bottle with its original cap after opening, avoid leaving the bottle open or substituting the cap with a pourer, and take care to prevent any unintended additions, such as stray drops of lime juice, while preparing cocktails.

For optimal freshness, refrigerate Lyre's once opened, and we recommend enjoying your beverage within 12 weeks of opening.

It's best to seek advice from your doctor.

While Lyre's falls under the non-alcoholic category, which means it boasts less than 0.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV), there's still presence of a slight amount of naturally occurring alcohol. That's the result of combining our exceptional range of natural flavors, typically ranging between 0.2 - 0.3% ABV. Surprisingly, comparable amounts of alcohol can be found in unexpected sources like orange juice, kombucha, bread, and ripe fruit.

If both you and your doctor are comfortable with the all-natural flavors and sweeteners in our beverages, feel free to indulge in the majority of our range, except for Dry London Spirit and Premixed G&T, which contain quinine — some medical professionals may advise against quinine during pregnancy.

Every ingredient employed in the careful creation of Lyre's is devoid of recognized allergens, encompassing nuts, shellfish, soy, sesame, gluten, dairy, fish, and seafood. Our entire range is infused with all-natural flavors, and for detailed information regarding each product, we suggest reviewing the individual product pages or checking the bottle.

Should you have inquiries about specific products, please feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Us page, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Lyre's, pronounced "lai·uhz," draws inspiration from the Australian Lyrebird, renowned as the world's most accomplished mimic. This bird can replicate various sounds, including those of a mobile phone, car alarm, camera shutter, and chainsaw. Our product range pays tribute to the traditional flavors and style of spirits but in a non-alcoholic form. The name "Lyre's" is a nod to the Lyrebird, reflecting our commitment to imitation. Keep an eye out for our mascot, Horatio the Lyrebird, donning a top hat on the necks of our bottles.

Why, yes! Our very own Agave Blanco spirit is impossibly crafted to capture the taste of tequila as close as possible.

Packed with distinct and complex flavors yet still alcohol-free, the Agave Blanco boasts aromas of lemon, saline, agave, chamomile, and pine As for the taste, you'll find a flavorful symphony of citrus and roasted agave that closes to a smooth peppery finish.

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