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About Our Products

Every product listed on our website is considered non-alcoholic in the USA (less than 0.5% abv). This means that most of our products contain very small traces of alcohol.

While these products are harder to find we do have a few includingThomson & Scott's Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay & Noughty Sparkling Rosé, the entire ranges of Bax Botanics,Ritualand NON also do not contain any alcohol whatsoever. On our product pages, scroll to the bottom where it is titled “About your non-alcoholic beverage” and you will see the exact alcohol percentage for each product. 

Yes and no. These products do an incredible job capturing the aromas, flavors, appearances & overall essence of their alcoholic counter-parts but you can expect a bit of a difference because it is, after all, non-alcoholic beverages (that's the whole point). With that said were positive you will be impressed & surprised by the quality of these drinks. Some even mimic the burning sensation you’ve come to expect with alcohol.
Check-out our blog post about it


The spirits are best used as a foundation to making a great non-alcoholic cocktail. We know you’ll probably be curious and drink these on their own but that's not what most of these are meant for. If you are looking for something to take shots with you could try Three Spirit Livenerf or an energizing & lively kick. The wine alternatives & aperitifs go very well alone but can also be used to make cocktails.

We do not endorse these non-alcoholic beverages towards minors. Although these drinks are safe & legal in most states, they have been crafted for adults and closely resemble the taste profiles of real alcohol. We understand opinions may vary on this topic but we discourage the purchase & use of these products by anyone under the legal drinking age.


All product pages have a “No & Low Recommendations” section where you can find the information on how long your favorite non-alcoholic drink will last after opening and any other special instructions, like how to store your bottle.


Yes! Removing alcohol from any beverage will immediately make it a healthier choice. Also, since there is no alcohol these products contain way less sugar, calories and carbs than you would ever see in alcohol. Check the “About your non-alcoholic beverage” section on each product page for more nutritional facts.

This is a deeply personal decision and everyone has their own recovery process. Each person is different, for some this may serve as a trigger and for others not at all. We recommend consulting your doctor & close family before making this decision. If you have more questions we are always free to discuss this topic further.

Considering we do not know your specific medication/health condition we recommend consulting a medical professional if you’re concerned. Most of the time, these drinks won’t interfere with your medication but your doctor will be able to guarantee and guide you in the right direction. 

While it may not cause no harm, we recommend consulting a medical professional if you have any concerns about consuming our non-alcoholic alternatives.

All our drinks are below 0.5% abv when consumed without mixing or diluting. When making a drink and diluting with tonic water or soda, the alcohol level is even lower and comparable to the level found in orange juice. We also have options that contain absolutely no alcohol such as Bax Botanics, NON, Ritual, and Noughty's Sparkling Chardonnay and Sparkling Rosé.


We try to ship out as soon as possible, typically next day and sometimes even the same day you ordered. Once it’s shipped it will take another 3-5 days for you to receive your order. Please keep in mind we are still experiencing delays due to COVID-19. That means delivery times may be longer than expected but we are doing our best to find the most efficient methods.

Shipping is free on orders $65 USD or more. Anything under $65 USD is just $10. This is valid for the contiguous U.S. states only. States outside this region will be subject to up-to-date UPS shipping costs.

Yes, we ship nation-wide! 

If you’re located in Canada the shipping can be expensive but if you order enough it can be worthwhile. Keep in mind that the package can be subject to import duties & customs brokerage fees which will be an additional expense and charged at the time of delivery by UPS. Send us a message at if you have more questions about Canadian orders.

Return & Exchange

Orders are processed pretty quickly but if you message us within a few hours we should be able to make any necessary changes for you. Email us as soon as you can at

Please contact us at and our Customer Service team will be in touch regarding the next steps of the process. When making this enquiry, we require your order number, full name and contact details.

If you should require a return, refund or exchange you have up to 14 days from the date of purchase, subject to below:

  • If you haven’t used the product, we’ll exchange it (if the product you received was incorrect) or refund you in full using the same method of payment as your initial purchase.
  • If you have opened and consumed a portion of the product, no refund or exchange can be given.
  • We cannot exchange or refund gift vouchers or promotional items.

Generally, our refunds/exchanges take 3-5 business days to process from receipt of the returned order. Please allow 3-10 business days for your exchanged products to arrive or 7-10 business days for your funds to be visible in your account. If further information is required from us regarding the return of your refund/exchange, this will affect the processing timeframe. We ask that a tracking number is obtained from your shipping provider when returning your order.

Please contact us at within 7 days of purchase with your order number and details of the incorrect or damaged product. 

You may be required to provide photographs of the damaged goods so we can investigate into the shipping/packaging process to ensure this won’t happen again. 

If there is a problem when receiving your order, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you with the appropriate refund or replacement. To enable the Customer Service team to efficiently address your enquiry, please provide your order number, full name and contact details.

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