Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
4.4 (5)

Seedlip Grove 42 - Non-Alcoholic Spirit

✔Zero Calories ✔Zero Sugar ✔Vegan

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This Seedlip offering is all about the oranges, providing a zesty and citrus-forward blend of botanicals.

The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. If you’re new to the non-alc space, Seedlip started it all. Their goal was to solve the dilemma of “what to drink when you’re not drinking.” Mission accomplished.

While its often compared to a gin, it is not. All three Seedlip offerings do not have juniper but do replace gin in cocktails extremely well. Always expect something complex and unique from Seedlip.

What does Seedlip Grove 42 taste like?

Nose: bright orange citrus aromas with hints of lemon zest.

Palate: light bodied & dry, bursting with bitter orange, mandarin & blood orange, followed by an uplifting spice and fresh notes of ginger and lemongrass.

• Imported from United Kingdom
• 700ml bottle
• Vegan-friendly
• 0 calories
• 0 sugar
• Allergen free
• Less than 0.5% alcohol
• The perfect alternative to citrus forward vodka or gin

Water, Natural Botanical Distillates and Extracts (15%), preservative: Potassium Sorbate, acid: Citric Acid

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Refreshing and aromatic

This is great Gin - alone or as a mixer. Nice refreshing citrusy flavor with a hit of cucumber. This mixed with a diet tonic or club soda will be my go-to drink this summer.

Grace Cheney
Love Grove!

I keep a constant stock of this one! Seedlip has so many fun recipes to try (check their direct website for their great/versatile suggested mixes!) Grove is very citrus + ginger forward with mellow afternotes of herbs. Good in either a more complex recipe, or with just soda water on top. Love this one, it's easy, it's yummy, it's complex. Great stuff.

Beth Comerford
Disappointing doesn’t cover it

Sniff an orange, sip some water, and save your $35. This product is BEYOND disappointing. Maybe scratches an itch for a non-drinker who wants to feel like they are having what they think a cocktail is. But this is near flavorless, with zero complexity.

I miss the complexity of a well crafted cocktail and this ain’t it sis. Seedlip Grove tastes like flat La Croix.

I recommend all of Three Spirit’s flavors (The Livener is my fav!).

Save your money and pass on Seedlip.

Joseph Marquez
Mild flavored water

I hate this part of the low alcohol movement: a lightly flavored liquid that claims to be a distilled non alcoholic spirit and is quite Costly. There are great options like Lyres that actually seem like a spirit replacement

Great replacement for gin

Big fan of Seedlip which provides a great replacement for gin in cocktails. Good mouthfeel and provides enough flavour to be present but at same time not overwhelming. I've used in sours, gimlets and fizzes.

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