Yes, it actually
tastes like wine!

✔ Healthy living season staple.
✔ Made with real wine, not juice.
✔ Give up the alcohol, not your wine.
✔Created by actual wine makers.

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Does this sound familiar?

About your new favorite drink:

Low in sugar, calories, & carbs. It’s also vegan, GMO free, and gluten free.

It contains the same amount of alcohol as a banana (0.5%) so you can actually drink this all day.

A wine you’ll be proud to serve, we bet your guests will even think its the real deal.

Your mind and body comes first, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t indulge in a delicious glass of wine.

You’re drinking the good stuff, 100% Tempranillo wine from Spain. Starting with the best ingredients leads to the best wines.

We aimed to make this a one-for-one replacement. You’ll want our wines stocked in your cellar, pantry, or bar cart.

It really tastes like the real thing.

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