Dry January Essential Non-Alcoholic Options

No & Low Dry January 2024 Guide: Must-Have Essentials

by Rome Velasco •

It's become super popular over the years, so chances are you've already come across something called Dry January. If not, here's a quick summary: It's a month-long event where people commit to abstaining from alcohol. As more and more drinkers begin to rethink their alcohol consumption, this booze-free marathon (and others like it) has become a very popular tradition for many, especially considering it occurs right after the holidays, typically a period of abundant drinking and eating.

People take on the Dry January challenge for several reasons. Some are trying to remove alcohol from their list of vices, while others are attempting a transition towards a more manageable drinking lifestyle. Regardless, participating in Dry January has become much easier thanks to the availability of top-quality non-alcoholic options in the market. 

The non-alcoholic drinks category has grown quite significantly over the past several years, with no signs of slowing down. There is a huge demand for non-alcoholic drinks that taste exactly like their "real" counterparts, and thankfully, many brands have been able to replicate the taste, flavor, and complexity of alcoholic drinks, while other brands have taken the innovative approach, making their own concoctions from the ground up, like Bax Botanics or NON.

As the space grows, rest assured there's no shortage of excellent non-alcoholic options to choose from, but it can prove quite cumbersome to sort through it all and pick only the ones worth buying. Worry not, as we've rounded up the best non-alcoholic drinks to stock up on! With their excellent taste and associated health benefits thanks to being alcohol-free, these options will surely make your Dry January journey a walk in the park.

No & Low 3-Pack - Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines

No & Low Sparkling Wines 3-Pack


Three of the most reliable go-to bottles this Dry January, especially if you fancy sparkling wine. You get three of our very own premium non-alcoholic wines bundled into one. Our flagship lineup includes non-alcoholic spinoffs of the Chardonnay, Rosé, and a subtly sweet Peach wine, our way of paying homage to our winemaking family. We had to make sure these wouldn’t taste like cheap clones laced with too much sugar, so we worked tirelessly to make them worthy tributes that taste just like the real thing.

Noughty 5-Pack - Non-Alcoholic Assorted Wines

Nought Assorted Wines 5-Pack

Go leagues above nice with Noughty, who's got some of the best non-alcoholic wines out there. This bundle includes their White, Red, Chardonnay, Rosé, and Sparkling Rosé bottles, all made from the best organic grapes grown with minimal intervention.

Everleaf 3-Pack - Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Everleaf Assorted Spirits 3-Pack

This bundle offers a tasty tour of sun-dappled forests, a decadent sojourn under the sea, and a refreshing hike through the mountains — each one a satisfying flavor blast for even the most discerning taste buds. This is the bundle to get if you want to scratch that itch for spritz.

Wilfred's Bittersweet Aperitif - Non-Alcoholic Aperol

Wilfred's Bittersweet Aperitif

If you’re looking for an Aperol replacement, Wilfred’s Bittersweet Aperitif is the answer. One sip and you get a bright burst of lemon and bitter orange, which then dribbles to a warm clove & rhubarb fadeout. Wilfred’s describes it as “sunshine in a glass” and has the cred to back it up, nabbing the honor of "Britain's #1 Non-Alcoholic Drink" at the 2020 Great British Food Awards.

Pentire Adrift & Seaward Minis - Non-Alcoholic Gin Replacement

Pentire Adrift & Seaward Minis Gift Box

Exquisite flavors of the English coast captured in cute, tiny bottles for your gin-loving friends and family. Comes in a nifty little gift box so you can gift to your pals who are also participating in Dry January.

Caleño 2-Pack - Non-Alcoholic Rum And Dark Rum Replacement

Caleño Rum and Dark Rum 2-Pack

Warm up your Dry January journey with the Caleño Light & Zesty and Dark & Spicy, non-alcoholic rum and dark rum alternatives sure to get the party going with their sun-drenched flavors inspired by Colombia. Each sip offers rich layers of tropical goodness and a satisfying kick of spice, all coming through to start the year with a lot more heat.

Lautus Savvy Red - Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Lautus Savvy Red

Dark, rich, and mdeium-dry, the Lautus Savvy Red makes a mouthwatering case for a respectable non-alcoholic variant of everyone’s favorite classic Red, as it tastes just as exquisite but with the added perk of being booze-free, offering a well-composed taste of red wine without the woozy aftermath.

Ritual 4-Pack - Non-Alcoholic Spirits & Aperitifs

Ritual Non-Alcoholic Spirits 4-Pack

Non-alcoholic cocktails will add variety to your Dry January drink lineup, especially when drinking neat becomes a tad bit too repetitive. Switch it up with any of Ritual's zero-proof bottles, premium alternatives that are so good and do a good job of emulating their alcoholic counterparts that you won't believe they don't have alcohol in them!

Bax & Tonic 8-Pack Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic

Bax & Tonic 8-Pack

A hike through a wonderfully wild terrain teeming with botanicals is the experience you get drinking a can of Bax Botanics Smooth Sea Buckthorn & Tonic. At once mellow, fruity, dry, and flavorful, each sip is a luxe sampling of nature’s best offerings. 

When you want a difference experience, why not get a taste of a lush English Garden? Bax Botanics Zingy Lemon Verbena & Tonic packs refreshing flavors of mint, fennel, and florals, awesome when served chilled or over ice with cucumber slice. You’ll love it if you fancy a more citrus-forward gin & tonic.

Fungtn Beer 6-Pack - Non-Alcoholic Functional Beer

Fungtn Beer 6-Pack

Two of the best non-alcoholic beers in the market, tastes exactly like beer with the added bonus of being hangover-free, guilt-free, and aftermath-free. Fun fact: These beers are made with mushrooms, so they're what you'd call "adaptogenic," which means they contain ingredients that do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Nope, they don't taste like mushrooms, but they'll keep your mind and body in good form! The mushrooms in add earthy, nutty, bitter, sweet flavor profiles to your non-alcoholic beers.

Dry January 2024

If you keep your bar stocked with all the non-alcoholic options we mentioned, you'll surely find going through an entire month booze-free a breeze, and you'll love the health benefits that come with it, which we'll talk about in a series of articles all centered around how to navigate Dry January 2024.

Keep an eye out as we provide more tips, tricks, and a handful of other resources. Cheers!

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