The best non-alcoholic sparkling wines to pop at New Year's Eve

The best non-alcoholic sparkling wines to pop at New Year's Eve

by Rome Velasco •

What better way to ring in the new year than popping a bottle of champagne with friends and family? Thankfully, you can still be part of the celebration even if you’re off the sauce. 

There are several reasons why someone might choose to skip the booze even during a traditionally booze-infused event such as New Year’s Eve. Picture this: The countdown begins, everyone is hyped, a thrilling rush blankets the entire space as the clock moves through its last remaining seconds. Then it’s finally midnight. The new year has arrived — a collective adrenaline rush occurs amongst everyone eager to make the new year a better chapter than the one that just closed. Drinks are being handed out and the urge to share a toast and clink those bubbly glasses with everyone you come across is almost inescapable.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to be part of this celebratory atmosphere — we get it! But if you’ve made a firm decision either not to overdo the drinking part or skip drinking entirely this New Year’s Eve, for whatever reason, we respect that choice. But how does one navigate a New Year’s Eve celebration without partaking in the drinking

Below, we’ve gathered some of the best non-alcoholic champagne alternatives that you can enjoy during New Year’s Eve, allowing you to end the year on a high note without sipping on booze! Whether you’re trying to drink less during the holidays, exploring the sober-curious lifestyle, trying to cut back on drinking as your New Year’s resolution, or just want to see what all the hype for non-alcoholic drinks is about, these options are a fantastic way to help you easily navigate New Year’s Eve mindfully yet still be part of the celebration. Cheers!


The best non-alcoholic Champagne or Sparkling Wine alternatives

These non-alcoholic sparkling wines made the list because they taste exactly like the real thing thanks to a rigorous dealcoholization process that allows them to replicate the nose and palate of their regular alcoholic counterparts. You get the same complexity and flavors, but none of the aftermath. While these hangover-free sparkling wines are the perfect New Year's drinks, they can also be enjoyed all year round.

No & Low Sparkling Chardonnay: Our flagship Sparkling Chardonnay is made with 100% Spanish Chardonnay grapes and tastes exactly like the real thing, which was a hard feat to achieve — though we were relentless in striving to capture the premium flavors and feel of real Sparkling Chardonnay. Consider it a tribute to our winemaking family and years spent learning the art of crafting top quality wines.

No & Low Sparkling Chardonnay

Lautus Sparkling Brut: Another great non-alcoholic Sparkling Champagne is the Lautus Sparkling Brut, a perfect alternative if you’re thirsty for the timeless taste of Champagne or Proseco. It’s made with 100% Chardonnay grapes sourced from the Western Cape region of South Africa and boasts pure aromas of white peach, citrus blossom, and fresh apple. 

Lautus Sparkling Brut

Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay
A tasty crowd-pleasing sip, Noughty’s own take on the bubbly is a masterful replica of the real thing. It’s made with organic grapes sourced from southern Spain and features delicate notes of apple and an elegant palate of citrus blossom and white peach.

Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay

The best non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé alternatives

For those who prefer to sip a fine glass of sparkling Rosé instead, you’re in luck! No & Low, Lautus, and Noughty all have exceptional offerings in this category!

No & Low Sparkling Rosé: The response to our first release — the Sparkling Chardonnay — was so overwhelmingly positive that we just had to follow it up with something for our Rosé lovers, one they'd rave about just as much. Our Sparkling Rosé is made with 100% Spanish Tempranillo grapes and, like the Chardonnay before it, similarly goes through an intense dealcoholization process to keep the booze at bay while ensuring our product is flavor-rich and can go toe to toe with your favorite regular alcoholic Sparkling Rosé wines.

No & Low Sparkling Rosé

Lautus Sparkling Rosé:
Lautus’ Sparkling Rosé wine alternative quenches not only the thirst for a good option in this category, but also the thirst for a delicate profile of sweetness that’s not too overbearing and instead exquisitely balanced, making for a refreshing non-alcoholic Rosé with an elegant finish.

Lautus Sparkling Rosé

Noughty Sparkling Rosé:
Noughty’s Sparkling Rosé is so good you’d be hard-pressed to believe it’s actually alcohol-free. Made with 100% Organic Tempranillo grapes, they taste as premium and flavorful as their alcoholic counterpart and would most likely fool anyone into thinking it’s the real thing. A delicious, fizzy, and celebration-ready sip of liveliness.

Noughty Sparkling Rosé

No & Low Sparkling Peach:
For folks with a sweet tooth too big for Sparkling Rosé to soothe, you’ll be glad to know we also have a Sparkling Peach wine! Our most recent release will satisfy your craving for a more fruity and sweeter wine than typical non-alcoholic wine alternatives. We aimed for a well-balanced flavor profile that ensures nectarine, tropical fruit, and citrus are in perfect sugary symphony without being too treacly. Perfect if you want summertime vibes any day of the year.

No & Low Sparkling Peach

The Best Non-Alcoholic Wines You Can Buy Right Now

There’s a myriad of other options beyond just Champagne and Sparkling Rosé alternatives. We’ve assembled a comprehensive wine guide to help you discover the world of non-alcoholic wines even further, which also delves into topics such as the purpose of staying off the booze, which food items pairs perfectly with which wine, and so much more!

Going non-alcoholic is the best way to enjoy New Year's celebrations while staying off the booze, allowing you to partake in the festivities without worrying about the day after. If you don't want to cut out alcohol completely, that's perfectly fine, too — but do give these non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives a chance, they might surprise you!

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