Non-Alcoholic Wines

No & Low non-alcoholic Rosé wine alternative
No & Low non-alcoholic rose alternative

No & Low Rosé 2022 - Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine

Lautus savvy red non-alcoholic red wine
Lautus savvy red non-alcoholic red wine

Lautus Savvy Red - Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Lautus non-alcoholic chardonnay
Lautus non-alcoholic chardonnay

Lautus Chardonnay - Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

Lautus non-alcoholic Rosé
Lautus non-alcoholic Rosé

Lautus Rosé - Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine

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All About Non-Alcoholic Wines

Non-alcoholic wines are just like wines except their alcoholic content has been removed or reduced to less than 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume), around the same alcoholic content found on fruit juice or a ripe banana. Non-alcoholic wines may also be called “dealcoholized” or “alcohol-removed” wines. There are a number of methods employed to remove the alcoholic content of wines, including vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, evaporation, and others. Non-alcoholic wines boast the same taste and aroma of regular wine, except there’s no alcohol. 

Dealcoholization is the process of removing the alcoholic content of traditionally fermented wine. The result is wine that contains only residual alcohol, around 0.5% ABV or less. Dealcoholization is just as complex a craft as traditional winemaking. Our winemaking process ensures the flavor, aroma, complexity, and all other elements that make for excellent wine are present on our range of non-alcoholic wines.

Non-alcoholic alcohol allows people to enjoy the taste of wine without the many negative effects associated with drinking alcohol such as hangovers, risk of alcohol dependence, serious health risks, and others. Non-alcoholic wine is a great alternative for people trying to cut back on their alcohol intake or rethinking their drinking habits.

Non-alcoholic wine is exactly like wine, only with the alcohol component removed. In effect, it's the same wine, just with the booze removed.

At No & Low, we ensure that the non-alcoholic wines we produce and curate contain the purest and most premium ingredients because we want to deliver the best non-alcoholic wine experience possible by offering sips that taste like the real thing.

We’re confident that the wines we have in our shop are indistinguishable from the real thing. Our products replicate the taste, flavor profile, and complexity of their alcoholic counterparts. With the rapid boom of non-alcoholic drinks, many have introduced options that are heavy on grape juice to make up for flavor. At No & Low, we ensure our own range of wines have no juice concentrates and are produced only with the purest ingredients and contain no additives or other nasty impurities. The result is wine that tastes exactly like the real thing but with no alcohol so you can satisfy your wine cravings without consequence.

Non-Alcoholic Wines Health Information

There are a variety of health benefits when making the switch to non-alcoholic wine. For starters, since there’s no alcohol, you avoid the negative effects of alcohol. But did you know there are other benefits, too? For example, switching to non-alcoholic wine provides better sleep, offers a memory boost, helps lower cholesterol, and keeps certain cancer risks at bay. Furthermore, since there are fewer calories, carbohydrates, and sugar per serving of non-alcoholic wine compared to its alcoholic version, they’re a much better option for those under strict diets.

Since most calories in wine come from alcohol, non-alcoholic wine contains far fewer calories than traditional wine in general. For instance, our No & Low Sparkling Chardonnay only has 25 calories per serving compared to your average alcoholic wine, which has double the calories.

Through fermentation, most of the sugar in grapes is removed. However, not all sugars are fermentable — meaning a certain amount of sugar will always be in a glass of wine whether it’s non-alcoholic or not. At No & Low, you’ll find a plethora of excellent wine options that are low in sugar and have no added sugar.

Yes, since non-alcoholic wine is traditional wine that has undergone a delicate process to remove its alcohol content.

Yes, but only trace amounts, meaning not enough to qualify as alcoholic or make someone intoxicated. It’s difficult for wine to contain zero alcohol since there are traces of alcohol even in everyday non-alcoholic food items such as bananas, fruit juices, breads, and more.

Yes. Not only does non-alcoholic wine contain fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts, they also post no health risks and side effects linked to alcoholic intake since they’re non-alcoholic.

No. There are only trace amounts of alcohol found in non-alcoholic wine, and it would be virtually impossible to get drunk even when one consumes an unrealistic amount of it.

Non-Alcoholic Wines Recommendations

You may notice that groceries and liquor stores have been gradually adding more non-alcoholic options. However, just like shopping for regular wine, it’s often difficult to choose the best ones now with so many options in the market as the non-alcoholic boom continues. At No & Low, not only do we make our own range of wines, we also curate the best options that taste exactly like the real thing. If you’re looking for other kinds of drinks, we also feature spirits, apéritifs, ready-to-drink, and more.

Information such as how long a non-alcoholic product will last, where and how to store it, and other useful tips are included in each of our product pages.

In general, it’s best to keep non-alcoholic wine in the fridge once opened to preserve its quality.

Exactly the way one would serve regular alcoholic wine, of course. After all, non-alcoholic wine is identical to wine, sans the alcohol. Enjoy it alone, with your meal, and even serve it at parties. Drink it just like you would drink regular alcoholic wine, only this time it’s better since you can rest easy even when you end up consuming a bit more than usual!

Why, yes, of course there is! In fact, you’ll find plenty of amazing options above, under the “Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines” section. These replicate the texture and bubbles of their alcoholic versions, which means they’re the perfect toast for all kinds of celebrations!

Absolutely! In fact, we have a number of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes up on our blog if you want to check them out. Here’s an easy recipe for a classic Aperol Spritz, for starters.

Cooking with wine is about the flavor instead of the alcohol, which means you can definitely use non-alcoholic wine for cooking. However, not all non-alcoholic wines are created equal. Some acquire their flavor via lots of grape juice and impure ingredients., which could affect your cooking. By comparison, No & Low only produces top-tier premium non-alcoholic wine that tastes exactly like the real thing, so you can use it for cooking as you would use regular alcoholic wine.

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