How to make the Best Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy

How to make the Best Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy

by Rome Velasco •

Traditionally served during the colder winter months, the Hot Toddy is a centuries-old staple cocktail that delivers warm relief amidst chilly weather. The Hot Toddy is classic, timeless, and dead-simple to make, proving you don't need a lot of bells and whistles to enjoy a soothing beverage during your winter hibernation.

Just grab a non-alcoholic spirit, your sugar of choice, and prepare some hot water. Throw in a lemon round or some spices like clove if you're feeling a little extra. That's all there is to this hot mocktail. With this non-alcoholic Hot Toddy recipe, we recommend using either Lyre's American Malt, which captures the essence of a gently mellowed American Classic Bourbon Malt, or Spiritless Spiced Kentucky 74, a fantastic whiskey alternative with a bite of cinnamon.

You can make the non-alcoholic Hot Toddy in a variety of ways, actually. More on that in a bit! In any case, you'll have a heartwarming cocktail that's sure to give you rejuvenating comfort during the chilly season. Cheers!

Non-alcoholic Hot Toddy ingredients you'll need:

  • 2 oz Lyre's American Malt or Spiritless Spiced Kentucky 74
  • 2 teaspoons honey, brown sugar, or sugar of your choice
  • 1/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Cinnamon stick and lemon slice for garnish
  • If you'd like to spice up your non-alcoholic Hot Toddy feel free to add in fresh nutmeg, clove, anise, cardamom, or even ginger


How do you make the best non-alcoholic Hot Toddy?

How to make a non-alcoholic Hot Toddy

 There's a variety of ways to make this timeless drink, but for this non-alcoholic Hot Toddy, we're keeping it simple and classic. 

  1. Pour your non-alcoholic whiskey alternative, like the Spiritless Spiced Kentucky 74 or Lyre's American Malt into your mug.
  2. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey.
  3. Top your mug with hot water from the tea kettle.
  4. Stir well to make sure the honey or brown sugar has dissolved.
  5. Taste and adjust accordingly: If you want more sweetness, add more sugar. If you want more of a citrus kick, add more lemon juice.
  6. Garnish with a lemon slice and a cinnamon stick. Cheers!

Which non-alcoholic Whiskey should I use to make a non-alcoholic Hot Toddy?

Whiskey is typically the main ingredient used in a Hot Toddy. Below are some excellent non-alcoholic Whiskey alternatives you can use to make your non-alcoholic Hot Toddy recipe with.

Lyre’s American Malt: This captures that gently mellowed American Classic Bourbon Malt taste and is great for making classic cocktails like the Hot Toddy, Old Fashioned, and even a Boulevardier. Expect an aromatic blast of honey, sweet spice, and charred cedar oak.

Lyre's American Malt


Spiritless Spiced Kentucky 74: It’s classic Whiskey with a cinnamon bite. You get a knockout flavor punch of oak, smoke, caramel, and vanilla, all of which come together to deliver that woodsy experience.


Spiritless Spiced Kentucky 74


Monday Whiskey: Expertly crafted by an award-winning Bourbon maker, Monday Whiskey mimics the classic burn and spicy kick of its boozy counterpart. And with notes like ​​sweet butterscotch, raisin, and toasted brown sugar, this is sure to give your Hot Toddy top-tier coziness.

 Monday Whiskey


Ritual Whiskey: Created specifically to replace regular Whiskey when making cocktails, Ritual’s fantastic alternative boasts notes of stone fruit and caramel that finishes with a satisfying dash of heat. It makes for a Hot Toddy with a soul-warming finish perfect to warm your winter with.

 Ritual Whiskey


Lyre’s Highland Malt: Here’s another winner from Lyre’s, capturing the essence of a blended malt whiskey. This true-to-taste Scotch Whiskey alternative greets you with a Highland Hello of seasoned oak, nutty grain, warm spices, and a touch of smoke. It’s a phenomenal homage to the timeless classic and a definite must-try!


Lyre’s Highland Malt


Spiritless Kentucky 74: Another great option for bourbon & whiskey lovers is the Spiritless Kentucky 74, a flavor-packed smoky sensation with a buttery mouthfeel, a bit of body, plus hints of caramel, orange, and tobacco.


Spiritless Kentucky 74


Can I use other non-alcoholic spirits to make a non-alcoholic Hot Toddy?

As we’ve mentioned, Hot Toddy cocktails are typically made using Whiskey, but if you want to explore beyond that, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spirits that result in interesting variants for this non-alcoholic Hot Toddy recipe.

Ritual Rum: Make a Rum-based Hot Toddy with Ritual’s Rum alternative, which features a classic dark rum flavor profile that’s all booze-free. Its toasted spices make for a lush and rich experience, partnered with a warm embrace of ripe banana, burnt orange, cloves, and star anise.


Ritual Rum

Caleño Dark & Spicy: You can always count on Caleño to get the party started, and its Dark & Spicy dark rum alternative leads the charge in that regard with its sun-drenched flavors and Colombian party vibes. If you want a Hot Toddy with a little bit of a party animal spirit to make the holiday season livelier, this is the choice!


Caleño Dark & Spicy

Three Spirit Nightcap: Indulgent, aromatic, luxurious, the Three Spirit Nightcap is a complex elixir boasting notes of wood and bright spice. If you want a Hot Toddy that transports you to a calm and wistful headspace, this is the spirit to get!


Three Spirit Nightcap

Monday Rum: Why not try a Hot Toddy with a little Caribbean aged rum kick? It’s possible with Monday Rum, a perfect dark rum replacement that’ll have you roaming around sun-dappled beaches, coasting through oceanic thrills, and feeling warm winds during the chilly season.


Monday Rum

Lyre’s Dark Cane: This elegant dark rum alternative brings together fully flavored notes of caramel, fudge, fig, and toasted nuts, taken further thanks to a long finish of maple and vanilla. It makes for a bolder, more vibrant Hot Toddy than usual.


Lyre's Dark Cane

Gnista Barreled Oak: This is the one to get if you want something a little bit different. It’s smokey and laced with notes of warm spice notes. You’ll find that its distinct character of oak barrel and dash of chocolate rye keeps the flavor profile a touch more elevated than your usual non-alcoholic spirit.


Gnista Barreled Oak


Everleaf ForestIt's perfect for making spritzes, but you can definitely use the Everleaf Forest to make a non-alcoholic Hot Toddy, which results in a fantastic hot holiday brew packed with notes like exotic Saffron, rich Madagascan Vanilla, and honeyed Orange Blossom. Adventurous drinkers will love the fact that it tastes like a journey through a lush forest as the sun casts its fiery warmth from up above.


Everleaf Forest


No matter if you go the typical Whiskey route or opt to make this non-alcoholic Hot Toddy cocktail recipe with some other spirit of your choice, we guarantee this heartwarming concoction will satisfy your need for a definitive winter warmer during the Holiday season! Cheers!

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