Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
Non-alcoholic rum
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Ritual Rum Alternative - Non-Alcoholic Dark Rum

✔Low Calories ✔Low Sugar ✔No Artificial Flavors

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This replacement for dark rum lovers is packed with decadent flavors & a nice kick that truly resembles rum.

Ritual’s all-natural non-alcoholic rum alternative is built for cocktails. Try this dark spirit in your favorite rum based drinks for some conscious consumption that always leaves you on your A game. We must say they have outdone themselves this time, this is likely our favorite product from the Ritual lineup.

What does Ritual Rum Alternative taste like?

Nose: intense bouquet of toasted cinnamon, sweet ripe banana, clove & molasses.

Palate: fresh ginger provides that same burn alcohol provides from start to finish, warm vanilla, honey, charred apricot, bitter orange, toasted spices, and notes of toffee.

• Made in USA
• 750ml bottle
• Gluten & Nut free
• Non-GMO
• 2gr of sugar per 44ml (1.5 fl oz) serving
• 10 calories per 44ml (1.5 fl oz) serving
• Contains 0.00% alcohol
• The perfect alternative for Dark Rum

Filtered Water, Sugar, Natural Flavors, Caramel Color, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michele Beaulieu
Just like the real thing

Extremely impressed with this rhum. I think this is the closest we could get to alcohol without sacrificing taste. Really happy with it !

Lenny Zimmermann
Solid Dark Rum Alternative

Smells of molasses and caramel with a hint of vanilla and, like their tequila, there is solidly something reminiscent of alcohol to that smell. Not exactly like that of rum, but the quality is there. Like most Ritual alternatives the capsicum burn is definitely there as well and lends itself well by layering onto the smell, which is retained in the taste, along with a bit of acidity and sweetness. Neat it is decently reminiscent of a dark rum, to me, although I certainly wouldn't drik it that way (then again I wouldn't drink rum neat, either, but even so very few of these alternatives that I have tried were really meant to be drunk neat... nor do I think they work very well that way anyway.) I half wonder what this might be like as a replacement in a rum cake, even! Heck I may soak some raisins in this stuff just for fun, too.

I've tried it in hot cocoa with Lyre's Amaretto alternative (1 oz. each, rest filled with dark chocolate hot cocoa) and it hits the spot very nicely for me. It's worked well in virtually every rum cocktail I've tried, but I should note I prefer a dark rum over a white rum and I think this one works best as a dark rum, so that may be more personal taste. Solid recommendation and my current go-to replacement for rum recipes.

Jordan McCarthy

got this as someone who can’t drink and it was amazing. The bitter orange really shines through and I find it goes really well in daiquiris.

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