No & Low non-alcoholic root beer float recipe

Non-Alcoholic Root Beer Float Recipe with NA Rum or Whiskey

by Rome Velasco •

The classic root beer float, one of our fondest childhood staples! There’s nothing quite as refreshing and hearty as the root beer float. Whether beating the summertime heat or simply taking a trip down memory lane, the root beer float is a mouth-foamingly delicious mood lifter. While the traditional recipe needs no modification, we’ve attempted to spice it up a notch with a little help from our non-alcoholic rums and whiskeys!

Our spin on the tried and true root beer float recipe pours a dash of zero-proof rum or whiskey into the mix, a tiny addition that makes all the difference and turns this kiddie favorite into an elevated and flavorful grownup concoction. Not only do you end up with the perfect summertime sip, but it’s also non-alcoholic.

The NA spirits we recommend for the root beer float are Lyre's Dark Cane, Ritual Rum, Caleño Dark & Spicy, or Spiced Kentucky 74 — all excellent non-alcoholic options to spice up your root beer float.

If you don’t want too much of a foamy mess, go easy on the ice cream. But we’re not going to judge if you let your inner kid take over and be a little naughty with the proportions. Enjoy!

Non-alcoholic Root Beer Float ingredients you'll need:


How do you make a non-alcoholic Root Beer Float?

No & Low non-alcoholic root beer float recipe

  1. Add 2 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream into a tall chilled glass.
  2. Pour in your non-alcoholic rum or whiskey of choice.
  3. Pour in your root beer.
  4. Stir to combine and witness the foam form!
  5. Garnish is optional, we recommend a maraschino cherry on top or even a little sprinkle of cinnamon.

What's the best root beer to use in a root beer float?

There are only a few ingredients in a root beer float, so you'll want to use the best stuff. When it comes to choosing a root beer, we've listed our favorites below.

  • Barq's Root Beer
  • A&W Root Beer
  • Mug Root Beer
  • Stewart's Root Beer
  • Dr. Brown's Root Beer
  • Bundaberg Root Beer
  • Jones Root Beer Soda


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