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Non-alcoholic lager beer
Non-alcoholic lager beer

Fungtn Chaga Lager - Non-Alcoholic Beer 6-pack

✔Functional ✔Vegan ✔Gluten-Reduced

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A deep, dark and malty euro-style lager enhanced with immunity boosting Chaga mushrooms.

No your beer won’t taste like mushrooms, it will however help keep your mind and body on good form! Fungtn (pronounced liked "function") cleverly brews their non-alcoholic Lager with adaptogenic Chaga mushrooms that include reported health benefits such as lower blood pressure, protecting against diabetes and supporting the immune system.

What does Fungtn Chaga Lager taste like?

Deep brown malty lager that is crisp and refreshing with undertones of chocolate, toasted nuts, molasses, citrus, and licorice.

What's in this non-alcoholic beer?

Hops: Tettnanger & EKG
Mushrooms: Chaga extract (0.5 grams)

• Made in United Kingdom
• 6 cans per pack - 6x330mL (11.2 oz)
• Vegan
• Gluten free (contains less than 10 parts per million)
• 72 calories per can
• Contains 0.5% alcohol
• The perfect alternative to a lager beer

Water, Hops, Barley, Malt, Wheat, Yeast, Chaga.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carolyn Petersen
The beer taste exactly like a dark beer. It is very yummy.

This beer taste just like a real beer. I was super surprised to get the depth of a dark beer out of it. Very yummy highly recommend.

First time's a charm

I’ve been drinking NA bevs for a few years and while spirits are still hit or miss, I kept hearing wines and beers are much more consistently good, so I gave this one a try. I love it! Surprisingly well-balanced with notes of chocolate and coffee - tastes like a breakfast beer!

Great one

Outstanding NA lager. I’ve tried just about every NA beer. This one is up there at the top.

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