Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
Non-alcoholic spirit
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Gnista Barreled Oak - Non-Alcoholic Spirit

✔All Natural ✔Low Sugar ✔Low Calories

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Gnista’s second offering “Barreled Oak” is robust, distinct and anything but ordinary.

Gnista’s dedication to crafting liquids that look, feel and taste like a fine spirit have led to some incredible non-alcoholic creations. It is no surprise either once you understand the research, experiments and process that goes into making it. From expert chosen ingredients and master blending to methods like maceration, steam distillation and smoking, Gnista is simply a game changer.

What does Gnista Barreled Oak taste like?

Nose: rich, smoky with warm spices and chocolate rye.

Palate: full body mouthfeel, bittersweet with lots of smokiness & oak, beet, malt, rhubarb, dried herbs & spices, cinnamon, and ginger with a long savory finish.

• Batched by hand in Sweden
• 500ml bottle
• 30 calories per serving
• 6gr sugar per serving
• All natural
• 0.35% alcohol
• The perfect alternative for bourbon whiskey

Water, Rhubarb juice, Beet Syrup, Dried Spices & Fruit (Raisins, Oak, Rye Malt, Ginger, Black Pepper), Extracts made from vodka (Almond, Cinnamon, Rosemary & Habanero), Wort, Sea Salt, preserved by Sodium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate, distillates from botanicals (Rosemary, Clove and Cinnamon) Allergen: Almond and Gluten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I use this mainly in one of my go to evening cocktails, a non alcoholic Kentucky Mule. It's the best 'spirit' I have had for it. I think its the smokiness that makes it so good. It beats for example the Kentucky 74 handily. 2 shots of this, a tablespoon of fresh lime, 6 ice cubes and topped off with bundaberg diet ginger beer. Add a lime twist garnish and voila!

A. Foster
Just okay

I think my expectations were off, as I had read in a few places that this was "close" to whiskey, or even as listed on this site as an alternative to bourbon. In a word, it is not, or at least certainly not for a bourbon-forward drink. I picked up a watery thinness, a nice bitterness and root flavors (the raisins and wort definitely come through as well), and the smokiness is nice. That said, this is something that must be mixed, and in a mocktail I found it couldn't really be the predominant flavor like I wanted. I did find it was good when used as follows:
1/2 oz shrub
1 oz gnista
2 oz Wilfred's
Shaken over ice, then strained and topped with 1 oz sparkling water, garnished with a twist of lemon peel.

So, it works as a layer with other bitter/acidic/sweet elements, but doesn't work to stand alone; that's my white whale in the NA world!

Best of what I´ve tried!

I’ve tried the Gnista spirits Barreled Oak and it has a complexity and mouth-feel you rarely find in alcohol free spirits. This is also what I’ve missed so since I stopped drinking. Barreled Oak is my favorite! Highly recommended!

Meg Barnhart
Perfect for a family gathering

We had a large family gathering filled with teens to young adults and it was great to have a beverage that we could all enjoy together - we served it with ginger beer. Delicious!

A Must Try!

This was an unexpected delight. Full of complex aroma and spices that are hard to describe fully. Really great mouthfeel, perfect for sipping. I can see this with the smokey notes fitting into so many areas.

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