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by Louis Borrelli

A year ago


Alcohol gets too much credit

Associating only positives and ignoring the negatives will lead to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

by Louis Borrelli

A year ago

Non alcoholic drink from Everleaf. Alcohol free spritz.

by Louis Borrelli

A year ago

When we achieve desired outcomes like relaxation, enjoyment, or confidence we often praise alcohol for assisting us in reaching that state. People tend to do this in different ways without noticing. Unwinding with a glass of wine after a hard day’s work or reaching a buzz to loosen up and approach someone to start a conversation are examples. Are we able to do these things without alcohol? Of course we are. Yet, if we create habits depending on alcohol we will struggle to reach these results without it.

Associating only positives and ignoring the negatives will lead to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. We start drinking on auto-pilot, not thinking of the consequences. A typical mindset like living for the weekend can turn into binge drinking on Friday night. This is harmful. Short term we destroy chances of being productive or feeling good during our valuable time off. Long term the results can be devastating to our physical and mental health.

These dangerous health habits are not just restricted to the extremes of drinking. Studies and health guidelines vary quite drastically but even smaller amounts can be damaging.

What’s the solution? Moderation is ideal but you will probably be more successful giving up alcohol completely. Moderation requires thoughtfulness and deep self-control. Often times one drink can alter our mood and decision making ability. Such as the decision to stop after one or two drinks.

This topic can be a bit sobering. Pun intended, because thats the point. We care about our health and yours. We do have good news though. Times are changing and we are not the only ones who care. The alcohol industry is going through a rebirth and awakening due to the awareness of these exact problems. Consumers are becoming “sober-curious” and demanding alcohol free and low alcohol options. The No & Low category is responding and there is more variety than ever before.

How will this help? In our eyes it can make the goal of moderation or going sober more attainable. We believe it can happen at scale. The offerings in the No & Low category can fill the void. That second drink can be non alcoholic and just as satisfying.

We are excited to say the least. Drinking less or not at all is difficult. This is a loaded topic, there are stigmas, accessibility issues, and different opinions. We understand people don’t want to sacrifice, but with continued growth in No & Low alcohol they won’t have to.



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